Rise of the Runelords

Session 3 - Heroes of the Swallowtail Festival

Friday May 6th 2016

Game Time: from dusk Sunday 22nd Rova 4707 AR (day of Autumn Equinox, equivalent of late September) to afternoon Moonday 23rd Rova 4707 AR.

Quick Summary
Our Heroes rescued Aldern Foxglove from more goblins and played a decisive role in running the nasty creatures out of town. Sandpoint locals were very grateful in various ways.

Later that night, Sheriff Belor Hemlock asked for help investigating strange noises coming from a crypt in the Sandpoint Boneyard. Our Heroes destroyed the vile undead creatures within, and discovered that several goblins and a humanoid had snuck into the Boneyard during the raid, and carried off a body.

The next day, most of Our Heroes tracked the goblin party to a goblin den several miles northeast along the coast in a dense thicket of brambles.

Currently Our Heroes have reconvened in town, after buying, selling and identifying gear.

Aftermath of the Raid
Father Abstalar Zantus rushed out to help Our Heroes, healing Aeryc Halftorn and dragging the injured Bjorn Borg into the Cathedral for safety.

Cries for help were heard from the north. Our Heroes ran up to find goblins menacing Aldern Foxglove, having just killed his dog. A fight ensued, during which many goblins were splattered and cut down and shot full of arrows. Claws with Lightning chased a disgusting goblin dog into the woods north of town and got a mouthful of grossly irritating dander for his trouble.

Aldern Foxglove was incredibly grateful, and seemed to have a special crush on Kadar. He invited Our Heroes to meet him at The Rusty Dragon later.

The tide turned against the goblins. Townsfolk re-emerged from their homes, many armed and some armored, and fought against the raiders. Goblins started fleeing, but with the north gate blocked by Our Heroes, many fled over the cliff at Junker’s Edge, preferring to leap to near-certain death rather than be cut down by the “longshanks”.

Townsfolk then began the grim duty of cleaning up. Several citizens had been killed by goblins. Some captured goblins were marched off to the garrison, likely to be executed later. Sheriff Belor Hemlock went around the town with squads of town guards, checking barrels and piles of hay for hidden goblins, as the little blighters are sneaky and vicious, and it is likely a few of them will be found in odd places in the coming days.

Aeryic helped with the roving patrols, and noticed the stable master he had tried to cheat was out cutting off goblin ears as trophies. Who knew they had something in common?

Quilmop was thanked by a farmer for saving his prize cow. He has been promised cheese and dairy whenever the farmer is at market.

Ryutaro was thanked by the mother of the mean-looking slingshot wielding boy – quite a turnaround from her former scolding.

Ameiko Kaijitsu came round to thank Our Heroes and offered them free lodging for a week at The Rusty Dragon.

At the Rusty Dragon
Our Heroes were met with a hero’s welcome at the Rusty Dragon. Aldern Foxglove kept trying to get chummy with Kadar, to no avail. Ameiko Kaijitsu brought excellent tea for Ryutaro Ishida, with a few words of thanks in Tien, which seemed to make a favorable impression. Prostitutes from The Pixie’s Kitten burst in to fuss over Pete, spiriting him off for a bath, and dropping a word in Quilmop‘s ear that he should come and visit their brothel sometime. Aeryc Halftorn ate and drank and generally had a good time. Our Heroes swapped a few stories of the road, and learned of Kadar’s ill feeling towards goblins and their cruelty to animals.

Just as Kadar was going out to find a quiet place to commune with the Sky Mother, Sheriff Belor Hemlock turned up with a nosy looking elderly gentleman in tow. The gentleman, having seen Kadar up on the Old Light before, accused Kadar of being in league with the goblin raiders as their lookout. Hemlock was not impressed with the accusation, and thanked Our Heroes for their efforts.

Soon after, Father Abstalar Zantus turned up to report that the crypt in the Sandpoint Boneyard that is supposed to hold bodies of dead priests has one of it’s stone doors slightly ajar, and a scrabbling noise can be heard from within. Hemlock asked Our Heroes for help.

At the Boneyard
Our Heroes were surprised by a deformed man named Naffer Vosk in the Boneyard, who was hiding behind one of the gravestones, and who pointed the way to the crypt. The Sheriff warned him off, but didn’t seem bothered by his presence.

At the crypt, Aeryc Halftorn studied the tracks of many creatures, and worked out that a group of abotu six goblins and a medium sized humanoid (probably male) had used a ladder to climb the wall, had then gone into the crypt, and then had used the ladder to climb back again.

Our Heroes threw open the stone crypt doors to be surprised by skeletons. A wolf skeleton tore at Ryutaro, but otherwise Our Heroes made short work of them. Even Sheriff Hemlock struck a blow, and he seemed to enjoy fighting with Our Heroes. Quilmop learned that his colorful magic doesn’t work on skeletons, perhaps because they have no eyes or brains.

Inside the crypt was bare, except for a strange, faintly magic, black robe with many missing patches, and an open sarcophagus where the body of the former priest Ezakien Tobyn used to be. The Sheriff was unnerved by this grave-robbing, and asked Our Heroes to keep it quiet. Father Zantus and Quilmop together worked out that the robe was a Robe of Bones – a necromantic magic item whose patches could be ripped off and thrown down to create undead creatures. Quilmop fixed up the robe and made a small bandana out of it for Pete.

The Next Day
In the morning, Our Heroes were greeted by spread of pastries provided for free by the local baker as thanks for saving lives the previous day. Aldern Foxglove tried unsuccessfully to persuade Kadar and his friends to go on a boar hunt. Quilmop tried to work out if Aldern found the necromantic robe familiar, but to no avail. Eventually Aldern got the message, and left Our Heroes a pouch full of 50gp as thanks for saving his life.

All of Our Heroes except Quilmop left town to track the grave-robbers. Together they worked out that the humanoid only accompanied the goblins for a little way before diverging from their path and heading back into town through the North Gate. Our Heroes followed the goblin tracks through the woods and along the coast until they came to a goblin den hidden in a dense thicket of thistles and brambles. There were many tracks of goblins and goblin dogs nearby, so Our Heroes noted the location and returned to town.

Meanwhile Quilmop worked Sandpoint for coin and influence. He met the mayor, Kendra Deverin and suggested that payment for heroic services was in order. He found his impresario employer Cyrdak Drokkus and managed to get some coin out of him to hire extras for the upcoming play. He found the local orphanage, The Turandarok Academy, and hired two urchins for the play, and a third to follow Aldern Foxglove about.

Our Heroes informed Sheriff Belor Hemlock of the news about the goblin den. He asked them to wait before acting, as he had a contact who knew about goblins in the area, and she could provide valuable advice. Our Heroes sold some of the gear they had gathered after the goblin raid. Kadar obtained a harness from the local tanner, Larz Rovanky, and inquired about stitching goblin armor into barding for Claws with Lightning. Quilmop found a local alchemist’s store, The Pillbug’s Pantry, and identified the potion they had found as a potion of Cure Light Wounds.

Cinder came by the Rusty Dragon to tell Aeryc Halftorn that the owner of The White Deer, the other inn in town, probably had information about the nobles who robbed him.

It is the late afternoon.

Aeryic (320xp + 366xp) = 686xp
Kadar (270xp + 366xp) = 636xp
Quilmop (320xp + 366xp) = 686xp
Ryutaro (320xp + 366xp) = 686xp



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