Rise of the Runelords

Session 5 - Battle at the Glassworks

Saturday June 4th 2016

Game Time: from late afternoon to late night of Toilday 24th Rova 4707 AR.

Quick Summary
Our Heroes defeat many goblins in the Sandpoint Glassworks, but retreat when they face Tsuto Kaijitsu. Tsuto escapes into a tunnel beneath the Glassworks. Our Heroes are healed by Father Zantus, and debate their next move late into the night.

Detailed Summary
Kadar, Ryutaro and Claws with Lightning fight and kill several goblins as Quilmop and Pete run through the Glassworks throwing open doors and exploring. Just as Quilmop and Pete find another entrance to the main furnace room, the remaining goblins grow fearful and try to run away. Two are color sprayed by Quilmop and fall unconscious. A third runs down into the basement, yelling “ChutoChuto!”, pursued by Claws with Lightning and Ryutaro.

Quilmop and Kadar kill one unconscious goblin and tie the other in a sack. Kadar rushes off to the basement. Flexing his muscles, Quilmop maneuvers a tall ladder into hooks near the broken skylight, and sends Pete up the ladder with a potion for Aeryc. Aeryc is revived. Quilmop keeps the captured goblin busy by continually dazing him whilst he is tied up in the sack.

Meanwhile, Ryutaro and Claws dispatch the last goblin just as Kadar reaches the basement. A voice calls out “What’s all that racket?” and Kadar and Ryutaro are met by Tsuto Kaijitsu. Tsuto seems smug, and calls out in Goblin. When there is no reply (from what are presumably his minions) a fights ensues. Tsuto proves surprisingly strong and acrobatic, and Kadar and Ryutaro decide to retreat up the stairs. Tsuto pokes his head up the stairs to see where they’ve gone, but does not pursue them, and instead disappears below.

Father Zantus and some town guards are summoned. Father Zantus heals Our Heroes with magic and prayer. The guards are astonished and sickened by the grisly display of goblin violence. The goblins have butchered and mutliated the bodies of all the former employees in the Glassworks. The former owner, Lonjiku Kaijitsu, is also found dead in a chair, covered in rivulets of molten glass. It must have been a horrible way to die.

Our Heroes discuss their options. Aeryc sneaks down into the basement. He finds all the doors open. In one room he finds a scrap of paper with a nude drawing of a beautiful woman on it (who is not Ameiko), but otherwise the rooms just have supplies for glassmaking and so on. Aeryc also finds a long tunnel leading out from the basement and heading roughly northeast under Sandpoint. The tunnel shows marks of someone or something being dragged through it: Aeryc guesses that Tsuto has dragged Ameiko (or her body) away.

After a few hundred feet, the tunnel comes to a four way junction, with a tunnel heading off to east and west. The dragging marks continue to the northeast. Aeryc does not explore further, and instead retreats to confer with the rest of Our Heroes.

Members of the Carpenter’s Guild are summoned to build a hasty wooden barricade over the tunnel, so it will be obvious if someone tries to break though. Two guards are posted to keep watch over the tunnel at all times. Our Heroes repair to the Rusty Dragon to discuss their next move. Discussions run late into the night.

Aeryc (1121xp + 236xp) = 1357xp (Level Up! Ranger 1 Slayer 1)
Kadar (1071xp + 236xp) = 1307xp (Level Up! Druid 2)
Quilmop (1121xp + 236xp) = 1357xp (Level Up! Sorcerer 2)
Ryutaro (1101xp + 236xp) = 1337xp (Level Up! Samurai 2)



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