Kadar is young (23), tall (6’5”), and rippled with muscle (250 lb). A thick scar stretches across one of his crimson cheeks, and the tattoo of a deep black crescent moon arches prominently across his back, neck, and shoulders. Kadar has no awareness of social convention, accustomed to eating with his hands and chewing loudly without regard for others’ opinion. He will not bathe lest in a river. Kadar is not at all cruel, and has a good heart, but his complete lack of social grace and menacing presence, not to mention the flesh-eating killing machine he harbors as his animal companion, cause others to recoil in fear.

He is as strong as a bear, yet light on his feet, deadly in combat with his massive Earthbreaker. His bow blessed by Erastil as a youth, Kadar is nearly as deadly from range, though he lost his mighty weapon to the rapids of the Yondabakari. He will not back down from a fight, and is especially apprehensive so far and freshly away from home. Kadar knows only that he cannot return, and that he was fated to come to Sandpoint on this day. He also is profoundly close with nature, able to survive in the wilderness on his own for many days, and is closely in tune with the Sky Mother, who, through the training of his tribe, has granted him powers of divine magic. He now is certain that the Sky Mother has brought him to Sandpoint, convinced by the series of fated events that leaving his tribe was the right thing to do.


You are a Lyrune-quah tribesman. You freed an imprisoned deinonychus (die-NON-ih-kiss) from Orcs in Belkzen, and members of the nearby Sklar-quah tribe became jealous. Your Lyrune-quah shaman commanded you to return the dinosaur to the Realm of the Mammoth Lords in order to resolve the conflict. You had formed a particularly close attachment to the beast, however, and did not care to set him free. At a tribal counsel, the issue became heated, and you felt humiliated. Deeply upset by the prospect of leaving the dinosaur, and equally upset by both the harsh words of the tribe and the covetousness of the Sklar-quah, you prayed that night to the stars and witnessed a comet blaze across the southwest sky. Taking it as a sign, you and the dinosaur slipped off into the darkness to the banks of the Yondabakari, setting forth under the moon in a light canoe with little else than Claws With Lightning (the dino), your Earthbreaker, and a heart and mind filled with fear and wonder at what the future might hold.

By the second day, you were able to make it to Kaer Maga, but knew you could not linger long, as tribesman from either clan could be on your trail – betraying the commands of the shaman was a grave offense, especially by one who had already made the Black Walk (Lyrune-quah rite of passage). You killed game not far outside the city to feed you and the beast for a few more nights. Again you set forth, hunting and traveling by night, seeking refuge by day. By the fifth night you reached Abken, and the seventh, Melfesh. These were strange cities and you were afraid, but your faith in the sign you saw grew – whether as justification for your selfishness or as legitimate sign from the Sky Mother, you knew not. Hunting along the banks of Lake Syrantula, you and Claws With Lightning encountered a black bear, and Claws was badly wounded. You had been trained in the ways of healing by your tribe, however, and you lay your hands upon the beast’s wounds to close them, as again you looked up at the night sky, wondering why you had left your home.

Having gone this far, however, you could not turn back. You had by now resolutely committed yourself to the import of the comet’s trail, and pressed onward to the southwest. Having reached the Mushfens, game became increasingly scarce, and on the 20th night of your journey, one day’s rations remained. The beast, too, had the look of a desperate hunger in his eyes.

A final sign came that night: again the comet, this time to the northwest. You knew you must follow it on your final day, and, exhausted, smelled at last the salt of the ocean, and at last caught sight of a town in the distance with a road leading to it. Here you stumbled across a group of travelers and dropped to your knees, begging for food.


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