Rise of the Runelords

Session 1 - Our Heroes Meet

Sat Apr 2 2016

Game Time: from evening of 21st Rova 4707 AR to just before midday 22nd Rova 4707 AR (day of Autumn Equinox, equivalent of late September)

Quick Summary
Our Heroes met on the coast road to Sandpoint, learned a little bit about each other, and travelled into town.

They are about to reconvene for the opening of the Swallowtail Festival at noon.

Bjorn bargained for a map of Sandpoint from a young woman named Cinder, and heard the tale of the Sandpoint Fire, often referred to by locals as part of the “Late Unpleasantness”.

Quilmop talked his way into a special effects and stage managing gig at the Sandpoint Theater, by lying to Cyrdrak Drokkus, about what exactly was burned down when and by whom etc.

Kadar and Claws with Lightning had a hard time in the big city and freaked out a bit. They have been noted and given warnings by at least two local town guards. They have also been noted and given the stink-eye by an elderly man with spectacles who was hanging out up at the Old Light.

Ryutaro dropped some coin at a local tavern called the Hagfish and seemed to get on good terms with the bartender Jargie, who has promised to keep an eye out for anyone who fits the description of Ryutaro’s brother’s killer.

Aeryic promised money to Cinder in exchange for information about the nobles who cheated him, and tried to threaten the local stable master into lowering prices so Aeryic could “buy back” his “stolen horse”. It didn’t go too well.



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