Rise of the Runelords

Session 2 - Goblin Raid! (Part One)

Game Time: from midday 22nd Rova 4707 AR (day of Autumn Equinox, equivalent of late September) to dusk the same day.

Quick Summary
Most of Our Heroes participated in the Swallowtail Festival in one way or another. Then the festival was interrupted by a goblin raid.

After fighting many goblins, Bjorn fell unconscious. Our Heroes are currently in the square in front of Sandpoint Cathedral and have just heard a cry for help coming from the north.

The Festival was a wholesome friendly affair, with free food and drink, a butter sculpture, bladder cake, prize cows and so on.

Bjorn earned some coin singing old favorites at the festival.
Quilmop played all the games, and used his magic wiles to cause trouble for Cinder, making the folk believe she was cheating with her cups game.
Ryutaro demonstrated his martial prowess to a mean-looking kid with a slingshot, and was told off by the kid’s mom.
Aeryic ate and drank and generally had a good time.

Kadar and Claws with Lightning spent time down on the beach, far from the crowd, watching the sunset, and roasting up some fish.

Kendra Deverin, mayor of Sandpoint, made a short welcoming speech and indicated that this was a good time for the everyone to put the Late Unpleasantness behind them.

Belor Hemlock, sheriff of Sandpoint, dourly warned everyone about letting kids near the bonfire, because they “didn’t want a repeat of last year”.

Lonjiku Kaijitsu was supposed to give a speech but didn’t show up. He had donated a pair of mirrors to hand at the entrances to town, with a sign below saying “Take a moment to see yourself as we see you.”

Cyrdak Drokkus made some lewd jokes and put in a plug for his show The Harpy Queen, starring the Magnimaran diva Alishanda.

Father Abstalar explained how the festival is called the Swallowtail Festival in honor of Desna, who turned a faithful friend into a beautiful butterfly. Many swallowtail butterflies were released and flew all over town, with kids chasing them.

At dusk, Father Abstalar caught everyone’s attention by throwing a thunderstone down. Just as he gestured towards the Cathedral, and presumably was about to start the dedication speech, goblins attacked the town, singing a disturbingly catchy warsong.

Our Heroes fought two groups of goblins whilst the townsfolk scattered. Quilmop knocked out most of the first wave of goblins with colorful magic, and then he and Pete finished the job with grim acid and sharp, pointy teeth. Ryutaro decapitated several goblins with his katana, whilst Aeryic shot them full of arrows, and Bjorn slashed at them. Only one local was injured. Bjorn was quite injured in the fight, being burned by flaming oil, and blown up by a ill-thought fireworks charge by a mad goblin pyro. Bjorn passed out just as he struck down the goblin warchanter who had been egging on his fellow miscreants.

Meanwhile, Kadar and Claws with Lightning ran up to the square following the sounds of commotion. On the way they dispatched two goblins themselves – it seems the goblins were raiding from many directions.

Aeryic (0xp + 320xp = 320xp
Bjorn (0xp + 320xp) = 320xp
Kadar (0xp + 270xp) = 270xp
Quilmop (0xp + 320xp) = 320 xp
Ryutaro (0xp + 320xp) = 320xp



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