Rise of the Runelords

Session 4 - Trysts and Revelations

Sunday 22nd May 2016

Game Time: from late afternoon Moonday 23rd Rova 4707 AR (equivalent of late September) to late afternoon Toilday 24th Rova .

Quick Summary
Our Heroes meet Shalelu Andosana who tells them the goblins are probably being organized by someone. Our Heroes are deputized by Sheriff Belor Hemlock to look after Sandpoint while he goes to Magnimar to ask for extra guards.

That night, some of Our Heroes find unexpected romance. The next day, after learning more about places in town, looking for clues, and sorting out a minor goblin menace, they are asked by Bethana Corwin to help find Ameiko Kaijitsu, as she has gone missing. A note indicates that Ameiko was to meet her half-elven half-brother, Tsuto Kaijutsu at the Sandpoint Glassworks at midnight the previous night.

At the Glassworks, Our Heroes find goblins have savaged the workers and covered some in molten glass. Having climbed onto the roof, Aeryc Halftorn starts a fight, and shoots one of the goblins down before falling to goblins arrows and splashed molten glass. The rest of Our Heroes bust in through a window to join the fight.

Detailed Summary
An Offer of Employment
Sheriff Belor Hemlock finds Our Heroes and asks them to accompany them back to the Sandpoint Town Hall. There in a quiet upstairs room they meet Shalelu Andosana and Mayor Kendra Deverin.

Shalelu is an elven ranger who keeps an eye on goblins in the local area and brings reports back to the Sheriff and Mayor now and again. She brings word that goblins recently torched a farm to the south. She managed to drive them off and keep the farmers safe, but their activity has her worried. Some of the goblins raiding the farm has also raised Sandpoint during the Swallowtail Festival. It seems goblins from many different tribes participated in the raid on Sandpoint, and goblins don’t work well together unless a Big Boss is uniting them.

Sheriff Hemlock asks Our Heroes to keep Sandpoint safe for a few days while he rides to Magnimar to ask for more guards. He asks Our Heroes to see if they can try to keep morale up in the town, and perhaps make discreet inquiries to find out who helped the goblins in the raid. Meanwhile, Shalelu will scout the major goblin strongholds in the area, to see where the Big Boss is most likely to be hiding out. Mayor Deverin offers 100gp to Our Heroes for their help, and Our Heroes agree.

At the Rusty Dragon
Shalelu suggests they get a meal at the Rusty Dragon. She and Ameiko seem to be friends. Shalelu is a crude dinner guest, chewing much tobacco and spitting it on the floor. Kadar seems infatuated, and enthusiastically tries some tobacco when offered. Shalelu tells Our Heroes about some of the local goblin tribes and strongholds, and some of the local goblin heroes who might be good candidates to be the Big Boss who is organizing the local tribes.

During the meal, Lonjiku Kaijitsu, the elderly head of the Kaijitsu family, busts into the inn, bellowing for his daughter in Tien. When he sees Our Heroes, he is distracted and starts chewing them out for their supposed heroism. He spits at the feet of the “honorless ronin” Ryutaro, and suggests Our Heroes are responsible for making Sandpoint a more dangerous place. When Ameiko appears from the kitchen to see what the fuss is about, Lonjiku argues with her loudly in Tien, saying that he is heading to Magnimar, and she will come with him or be cut out of his will. Ameiko refuses to go, and Lonjiku grabs her by the hair. Our Heroes intervene, and Ameiko smacks her father round the head with a soup-filled ladle. Lonjiku leaves, his dignity in tatters. Ameiko restores a less tense atmosphere with a corny joke.

At the Hagfish
Shalelu suggests they all go out drinking and swap goblin-killing stories, and Our Heroes move over to the Hagfish. It is a busy night. There is a group of local Sandpoint women doing shots at the bar, and many rough looking laborers well into their cups. Much drinking ensues, with Kadar struggling to keep with Shalelu. Aeryc ducks out early to look for clues. Quilmop ducks out a bit later to track down Aldern Foxglove. Ryutaro keeps an eye on Kadar for a while, concerned that he cannot hold his liquor, but then leaves to look for Ameiko.

After the others have left, Kadar and Shalelu end up necking in a corner of the bar. When they are both staggering drunk, they stagger down to the beach and make love on the sand.

The Case of the Over-Friendly Noble
Meanwhile, Quilmop returns to the Rusty Dragon to chat with Aldern Foxglove. He tries several gambits to shake some clues loose, but to no avail. Aldern seems happy to have been thought of, and a little disappointed that Our Heroes (especially Kadar) did not seem to want to be friends. Quilmop does manage to learn where in town he can get less-than-legal supplies, at the Pillbug’s Pantry. The code phrase is “Have any happy pillbugs turned up lately?”

The Shopkeep’s Daughter
Meanwhile, Aeryc checks out the cathedral square to look for clues. He is followed by one of the young women from the Hagfish. She introduces herself as Shayliss Vinder, and says she needs his help. Her father, Ven Vinder, is distracted by her sister running about with a guy from the local lumber mill, and hasn’t had time to look after the shop properly. Meanwhile, there is a terrible rat problem in the shop. Shayliss was hoping the adventurous Aeryc could help her with this problem. Aeryc suspects an ulterior motive.

And there is indeed an ulterior motive. Shayliss shows Aeryc to the General Store, and down into the basement, where there is a shocking amount of liquor stored up and a convenient cot set up in one corner. There are no rats. Shayliss giggles, undresses and tries to coax Aeryc (who is still suspicious) into the cot. Apparently she wants to confirm a rumor that the heroes of the Swallowtail Festival have enormous weapons.

As it happens, Aeryc is wise to be a little suspicious. Soon he hears noises of someone upstairs. Shayliss’s father stomps down into the basement whilst Aeryc manages to hide behind some crates. Afterwards, when the father has left, Aeryc and Shayliss make love in the cramped basement. It seems several of Our Heroes are up all night to get lucky

Not Everyone Can Be Lucky At Once
… but not all of Our Heroes have such an adventurous night. Ryutaro returns to the Rusty Dragon to seek out Ameiko, but the maid, Bethana Corwin, says she hasn’t seen her this evening.

The Morning After
Shalelu departs to scout out goblin territory. Kadar is smitten, and hungover. He obtains a hangover cure from Sandpoint’s other alchemy store, Bottled Solutions, run by a nervous fellow named Nisk Tander who claps with enthusiasm as he talks.

Quilmop meets Aliver Podiker, proprietor of the Pillbug’s Pantry, and uses the code phrase. He is shown into a back room. He buys some cabbleweed from Podiker, makes friends, and asks Podiker if he knows anyone who could help him smuggle someone into town. Podiker says he’ll see what he can do.

Monster in the Closet
Our Heroes reconvene at the Rusty Dragon and are sought out by a distraught Sandpoint citizen. She is clasping one child to her and holding the other by the back of his shirt and spilling out a tale of a goblin hiding in their home. Her husband has tried going after it, and he has run to get help.

In the house, all is quiet. Our Heroes find the husband motionless, half his body stuck down a hole in the bottom of a closet of the older child’s bedroom. The drag the body out and find a hideous sight: his face and shoulders have been eaten away, surely the work of a nasty, hungry goblin.

Sure enough, a goblin bursts out from the hole he had scratched in the bottom of the closet. Kadar smashes him with his Earthbreaker. Our Heroes offer some consolation to the grieving widow. Quilmop offers her some coin, then decides to “take some change” from a dresser he sees. Kadar notices, and an argument ensues.

An Interrogation
Our Heroes take the unconscious goblin to the Sandpoint Barracks, where there is a jail in the basement. The jailer is a large Shoanti, which gets Kadar’s attention.

The goblin is tricked by Quilmop and Aeryc into giving up some information by feeding it cabbleweed and lies, but the information gained is not very helpful. Our Heroes learn that some longshanks who is male and who looks like Aeryc (so probably a half-elf) was leading the raid, and that there was a secret plan that no one knew because it was secret. Having learned what they can, Our Heroes dispatch the goblin.

The Sandpoint Irregulars
On the way out of the jail, one of Quilmop’s urchin employees from Turandarok Academy reports in. He followed Aldern Foxglove last night. Foxglove went to the Pillbug’s Pantry and came out with a packet of something. He went down to the beach, but then he threw the packet into the sea, and went back to the Rusty Dragon. The boy retrieved the packet and hands it over: some (soggy) cabbleweed. On returning to the Rusty Dragon, Our Heroes learn that Foxglove left town that morning. Quilmop theorizes that he has a cabbleweed problem and nearly gave into his cravings.

The Missing Bartender
In the afternoon, Our Heroes are approached by Bethana Corwin, a maid at the Rusty Dragon. She is worried because she can’t find Ameiko: she wasn’t in last night and didn’t turn up to start the breakfast service. Bethana waited, and then snuck into her room. There she found a scrumpled up note from Ameiko’s half-brother Tsuto. It seems they were to meet at midnight yesterday at the Sandpoint Glassworks.

Bethana gives a little family history. Apparently Tsuto hasn’t been seen in town for several years, as he caused a big upset at the funeral of his mother, accusing Lonjiku Kaijitsu of having pushed her off a cliff. Bethana notes with big eyes that Tsuto was a half-elf, but neither of Ameiko’s parents were elves. Lonjiku Kaijutsu never recognized Tsuto as his own child; instead, Tsuto was raised in the Turadarok Academy (where most Sandpoint orphans are raised).

At the Glassworks
Our Heroes investigate the Glassworks, trying to keep a low profile. The window curtains are all drawn, but there is smoke coming from the chimneys, so presumably the glassworks furnace is working. They fetch a ladder and send Aeryc up onto the roof. Through a large skylight, Aeryc spies a grisly sight: many bodies, and bits of bodies, in the main workshop chamber. The mad chattering and gigling of goblins can be heard. Several goblins inside smash glass and play with the bodies, taking beakers of molten glass and pouring them over one in particular (that is, at this distance, unrecognizable). Aeryc, high on goblin-rage, tries to stamp through the glass to rain arrows down on them. The goblins are alerted: some fire arrows back and shatter the skylight.

In the ensuring fight, Aeryc shoots one goblin down, but then falls, having been hit with several arrows and burned with globs of molten glass. The rest of Our Heroes bust in through a window to join the fight.

Aeryc (686xp + 435xp) = 1121xp
Kadar (636xp + 435xp) = 1071xp
Quilmop (686xp + 435xp) = 1121xp
Ryutaro (686xp + 415xp) = 1101xp



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